Things that might keep you going…

I would love to say that I am in my twenties and in my prime, but sadly that aint the case! I have had a few bad football injuries in my younger years and if there is one thing that will expose injury it is running hard miles on the road week in, week out. To be honest, one of my ankles is that bad with scar tissue and weakness that I never thought I would run one marathon. I am currently training for my sixth marathon in the space of two years, three of which were completed in a mad five weeks! With that in mind I enlisted the help of some friends who keep me going and thank God, so far, my journey has not been as painful as it might have been! Although the things in the list below have been important for my body, you will still need some real mental toughness, determination & bloody mindedness! 🙂


In a half marathon or marathon I use isogels during the race. Everyone needs to find the gel that works best for them. I personally need the ‘iso’ i.e. isotonic. This helps maintain the electrolyte balance and prevent cramp (which I am particularly prone to). I do have a particular favoured brand which I buy by the box load – it is the High 5 isogel. I intially bought this brand as it had the isotonic gel and it was competitive on price, but it also has the added advantage of not being too heavy on the stomach and therefore does not need washed down with water. Furthermore, as it is not too heavy/thick in constitution it enables me to pour it into my wishbone sports drink bottle the day prior to the race rather than carry the gels in a belt and try to bite them open as I run!


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