Two years post hip labral tear

A trip to the hospital today for two facet joint injections for a herniated disc in my back drove something home for me- I have not raced since 2013 nor completed a marathon since 2012. 

For me this was unthinkable in February 2013 when I felt in the shape of my life and was running 50 miles per week. Many days I ran at both 6am and 6pm, having to resist a third run on some occasions. I was well and truly addicted. The subsequent cold turkey was something only runners could understand.

When I tore my hip labrum during an interval session in that month I never once envisaged writing this post in Spring 2015! 

My operation was not scheduled until February 2014 and to be fair I was slow to accept how bad my hip was and had run on to August. Once MRI’d and eventually opened up, the docs found grade 3 degenerative arthritis in my hip. A hip replacement down the line is a certainty , thus no real reason not to run anymore.

With all the advice about cycling instead there was a cruel irony when I felt fairly severe back pain whilst cycling with a friend some six weeks after the hip op. When the symptoms kept recurring I bit the bullet and went for another MRI . The result was a herniated disc and this has kept me from hitting the road more than the hip!

Now, at last , after 28 months, a double back injection, hip injection , hip operation and lots of physiotherapy later, I may have turned a corner and be able to get back on the road… The new trainers are begging me 😎 


Finally but mist crucially, for anyone undergoing a hip arthroscopy – mine was successful, but take real care with your long term rehabilitation.

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