Horror Show

The fourteenth months since the hip arthroscopy have been a horror show. About four weeks post op I was out one the bike and experienced backache on the same side of the operation. After months of the back injury relapsing an MRI scan revealed a slipped disc. 

The weakness in the right hip had contributed to the herniated disc whilst trying to train. A year on the slipped disc plagues me. I had hoped to complete a marathon in May but just as the training intensity was increasing the backache returned with a vengeance. Horror Show.

I know I’ll get back running in spite of the hip arthritis and slipped disc , but it’s been over two years since I first tore the cartilage of the hip. The op was a year later and now it’s nearly fourteen months post op. Horror show.

Spring is here and I am desperately hoping to have a good summer in prep for one more marathon in October. Fingers crossed 😳

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