20 weeks post hip arthroscopy – slow recovery

So I fully expected to be back running at this stage (even if the surgeons didn’t) . I’ve been pushing hard on the bike and have put in the odd run. The runs have been very very short and very sparse and I’ve always suffered for this. My biggest enemy here is lack of patience. I was told the bone would only start to heal at 20weeks and would take two years to heal fully.

I miss the running properly and most of all I miss entering races. Whilst I enjoy cycling it’s not the same. Running really works the body more fully and there’s no better feeling than the “runners high” when you get into a fluid stride. For now, though, I have to put my efforts into the bike (although I might do the odd 5k parkrun 🙂 )

Lessons for anyone contemplating the hip arthroscopy. If your hip is beginning to go or looks like an op might be needed go for it ASAP . The sooner it’s done the sooner the recovery! It’s this recovery malarkey that is beginning to drive me barmy 😦

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