Post op recovery wk15 – hip arthroscopy

My last post was 5 weeks post op and I was quite upbeat. Sadly recovery since that point has slowed dramatically. I’ve done three forest runs – just shy of 3 miles each time – and although I didn’t have a huge negative reaction things just weren’t a hundred percent.

As I want to be sensible about the recovery (and the doctor has advised against running) I resolved to leave it a few more weeks. So to the bike I turned.

Now I love getting out on the bike and it is recommended for rehabilitation purposes post hip arthroscopy…but I’m sure they didn’t mean 32miles over hills at 17mph average :-(. I did feel great, but when I got showered and ready for bed my under-used (now over-used) hip and lower back muscles contracted so much I thought I’d slipped a disk ! A few sore days later and I’m on the mend but it had served a warning against too much too soon.

So in a nutshell ; at week 5 I was eyeing a return at week 10 and hopeful of an October marathon. At week 7 I saw my surgeon and he explained that, given the amount of bone shaved, cartilage shaved and the grade 3 arthritis, I should count myself very lucky I’m not still in agony. He was also irritated by any talk of an October marathon. At week 12 I tried three runs and resolved to leave it a little longer and at week fifteen I overdid it on the bike. This recovery is going to take a lot more patience and mental toughness than I expected – just when the beautiful summer nights are here.

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