Hip arthroscopy and running

So it’s been ages since my last blog. I was just into my 2,013 mile challenge in 2013 when I suffered a labral tear in my hip in February. Although I kept the challenge going up until August the prognosis from the Consultant was not good. The first consultant told me I had a cist, the hip was bone on bone, I had signs of degeneration and I also had arthritis. In summation he was telling me that, even if I had a hip arthroscopy operation, my running days were over. This was very hard to take given that I was running 50-60miles per wk. If one more person suggested “taking up swimming” I was going to strangle someone!

I then went to see a second consultant in April. He is a triathlete and has a better understanding of the overall picture. He referred me for an operation with a view to it fixing the hip as best as possible and giving me another 18-20yrs running. Such a difference!! I liked this assessment much more than the first and I duly signed on for the operation.

Now, in February 2014, a year after the initial injury I am sitting one week post-operation and looking forward to getting back on the road. Time will tell if I can do the Dublin Marathon in October or any future marathon but for me early signs are very positive. Although I’ve had no follow up consultation yet, the physio suggested the op went well and I have to admit it feels good. I’m still on crutches and still very tender but definitely don’t have the same ‘bone on bone’ pain I’ve had for past twelve months.

Looking forward to hitting the road in the coming months. For now, it’s a slow recovery process…Image

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