Recovery runs the day after…

I blogged about the importance of these in the past and called them “piggy back” runs…So what about these ‘piggy-back’ runs?

This is something I would recommend every marathon trainer do (possibly not if it is your first marathon though, because it could cause injury).

The method is simple. I always got out a run the day after a long run. So if I did 23 miles on Saturday, I made sure I did 6-8miles on Sunday. I called these piggy-back runs because I was piggy backing on the previous run. In other words, the Sunday run, although short, replicated the tiredness, soreness and nutrition depletion of the Saturday run all over again – in essence I got two long run effects for the price of one!

I knew it was a dangerous strategy so you have to listen to your body with this one. I did ‘bomb’ a couple of times at the end of a 60mile week, but boy did it prepare me for the marathon! At no point during Monday’s marathon did I feel any real major fatigue. Try it out – even if you only do a two mile piggy back run. It teaches you to run well on tired legs!

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