Why we really love Jessica Ennis…

So let’s face it, she is the face of London 2012 for a reason and it is much more than her stunning looks and figure. Many athletes have these qualities. What makes Jessica Ennis our golden girl?
1. she is one of us
Whilst overpaid primadonas run about the football pitch as if they are owed a living because of their god given “gift” Jessica Ennis beats a heptathlon hurdles record and looks at the crowd in awe of their support – “oh my god” slips out as she looks at the fans and girlishly raises her hands to cover her ‘foul’ mouth. She has given us a beautiful moment but shared it with us too. She is one of us.
2. she doesn’t win everything, all of the time, but by God she fights like a dog
As a heptathlete it is impossible to be ace at all seven events. Furthermore, after Jess suffered a stress fracture and missed Beijing in 2008, she has had to retrain to jump off her other leg in the long jump! She hasn’t won all of her heptathlons coming up to 2012 as one or two sports can go wrong in this event. But it doesn’t matter to us – when we see her face in slow mo during a hurdles or 200m race, and her abs ripple with the tension of a fierce gladiator, we know she is fighting tooth and nail to achieve Gold. She is leaving absolutely nothing out there and that is incredible to watch. Watching Jess Ennis is a privilege and a lesson in life.
3. she is a beautiful and humble girl
Post race interviews with Jess are amazing. She has worked so hard for years, notoriously dreading her really tough Monday sessions, yet she “can’t believe” her record hurdles pace. She later goes on to attribute her success to the crowd! Wow – all they did was cheer – you did all the Monday sessions (not to mention the rest) !! Jess we love your genuine humility and appreciation of the crowd – but really they are there because of you, not the other way around :-).
4. she deserves it
She just does ok – see above.
5. any man or woman would be proud to be her parent
She works so hard, she is so polite, she is level headed and there is a little vulnerability as she takes to the arena for each event – she isn’t a 100% certainty for Gold…This really makes us root for her and share the emotion of winning and losing with her…

In summation, Jessica Ennis is the closest thing to perfection in the Olympics. That is why – win or lose later today – we all love and will continue to love Jessica Ennis. #GoJess

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