Pre-race: Rest or Run??

Having just rounded off a 51.25mile running week with a half marathon Personal Best at Cookstown, County Tyrone, I have come to the conclusion that I still do not know what works best for me on the lead up to a race: rest or running??

On the week of the Belfast Marathon I completed two light runs and was well rested after a very good training programme in the weeks prior. I achieved a marathon PB by a staggering 18 minutes. This week I have run over 50 miles, run for 11 days on the trot (14 days in the past 15) – over 90miles in the last fortnight. I achieved a personal best in my half marathon this afternoon by a solid two minutes!!

So what works ? Rest or running? I simply dont know.

The last two weeks have included a ten mile and a 10k race, as well as a few tough interval sessions. I think one reason I have been able to pound the roads and still race well recently is my purchase of a foam roller to roll out the leg muscles. A fellow runner recommended it and I have used it everyday. Apart from this does anyone have any ideas about rest vs running?

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2 Responses to Pre-race: Rest or Run??

  1. Thank you so much for linking to my post! 🙂

  2. I rest before a half-marathon, but it is usually an active rest of walking around the race expo and a day of sight-seeing (more walking!).

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