Running 10k races as half marathon prep…

It is essential to get some race practice in the build up to your ‘A’ race. 10k races are perfect preparation for a half marathon. I am doing my final half m of the summer on Sunday and I entered a 10k race on Wednesday night.

1. Racing is the best way to prepare your nerves for the start line at your ‘A’ race. Butterflies are inevitable and so is the feeling that you need to make a toilet visit ! The more you race, the more you get these things right e.g when to drink? What to drink/eat etc. Practice races train you to reach the start line in good shape…
2. 10k races are quick, but the pace is good prep for the latter stages of a half. The last few miles of a half are tough. 10k should be fairly tough from mile one if you are putting it in. This is great prep.
3. You’ll not replicate race pace in training EVER. During Wednesday’s 10k there was someone on my shoulder for the whole distance. It kept me determined to let no one pass and this pushed me the whole race. Although this wasnt my A race, it didn’t mean it had to be a stroll!! I simply couldn’t get this in my solitary training runs.
4. A decent 10k race will give you confidence of a strong pace on the half m. The half m pace will inevitably feel a little easier. My 10k pace is 7m10secs per mi currently, whereas I’m looking closer to 7m45secs for my half m. at the time of writing …

Good luck to all you half marathoners!

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