Portaferry 10 mile: What did I say about race strategy?

What did I say in an earlier post about race strategy? Ignore it . I did tonight!

I should start by saying that I love this race. There is a terrific atmosphere but I broke all my own golden rules.

I nearly didn’t run as I have a sore throat , sore hamstring and calf sob sob and just generally felt like a big Jessie today. Nonetheless I went …and I bumped into friends. They’re in a running club; I ain’t. They started out saying they would settle for 78 mins or so for this hilly 10mile country run. However as we started it was clear the pace was too quick for 78 and it was too quick for me!! Did I slow? Did I listen to my body? Did I forget the pack and run my own race ?? Did I heck! I ran like a novice. At mile 6 I started to drift and the last few miles were tortuous as I slumped behind the others. It was humid and I had no nutrition…

I actually finished in 78 mins (the fastest of the others did it in 74 – ha 78 my eye!!). Although I hit my target for this race I knew it wasn’t a solid performance with good even splits. I was using this as training / hamstring test for a half marathon in 12 days time and I will know more about how the leg is in the morning, but early signs are 50/50 at best 😦

Nonetheless, hats off to the Portaferry 10 mile race – I hope to be there again in 2013!


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