Recovery between races?

Usually recovery after a half marathon or marathon isn’t a problem – rest a day or two and begin a little light running or cycling for a few days and then start your next programme…But what if you have races in quick succession? Even though I did 3 marathons in 5 weeks last year I can’t say that I have nailed the answer to this question.

I have just done two half marathons in 10 days and that is an easy scenario in terms of recovery. You simply listen to your body and take it easy in between races but keep the legs going with short, easy and short, sharp workouts. I suppose you should stretch ( ooops maybe I should practice what I preach?).

However, I have three weeks between the Ards half marathon and a 10 miler at Portaferry and then a further 10 days until my final half marathon in Cookstown before holidays! Like I said, the recovery between the last two will be easy, but I’m stuck at the minute. It has been one week since Ards half and I feel sluggish and a little sore. I’ve run slow runs, completed a poor interval session and completed a fairly tough 21 mile cycle this week since the half marathon, but I’m thinking perhaps I should chill and rest? If I chill and rest then I’ll be into taper time for the next races – what do I do? If I don’t do some hard sessions I might lose momentum? On the other hand, if I don’t rest I might go in fatigued…answers on a post card please!

I hoping to find my answer here:


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