No direction…

Since my marathon PB five weeks ago I have struggled to find any sort of routine or rhythm to my training. I am 90% considering a half marathon on Wednesday night and I have been sort of training with this in mind.

In any event I have set a new 24month target. I am aiming to knock four and half minutes of my 10k PB and this has required a shift in emphasis. I am now – for the first time – paying attention to what I eat and doing much more short sharp stuff including tempo runs and intervals.

I am monitoring my vitamin and mineral intake in order to give myself a fighting chance at achieving my goal. It mat prove illusory but it will not be for the want of trying!

p.s. on the note of the half marathon on Wednesday night – I don’t want to sound harsh but I am quite dismayed at the Lisburn Half Marathon organisers/jobsworths. I missed the online entry by a few hours and the registration on the day jumps from £18 to a fairly extortionate £30! When I phoned the jobsworth (3 hours after the online deadline and six days before the event) he refused to take my details over the phone and said I had to enter on the day and pay the additional sum. He would rather me not run and get no money than let me pay the £18 and register over the phone!! I know there has to be a cut off etc etc but I find such stupidity frustrating. Huge thumbs down for the Lisburn Half Marathon and a small possibility that I won’t enter!


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