Snore stability

What I should have added to my last post was that the long runs carry another price…a core attack. The further you up the miles the more chance that your back, hip etc will begin to get sore. This is down to our “core stability”. Apparently this is a bigger problem with men. My hip is very sore and i am struggling with walking nevermind running.

The thing is that I hate working on my “snore” stability. It frankly bores the pants off me. I know I should do it and I know it is really good for you. Yet again I know I should stretch more, take more rest days, eat fewer Chinese takeaways, cut down on my salt intake, reduce my alcohol consumption, minimise my chocolate abuse, spend more time at home as opposed to running 50 miles in a week…blah blah blah…none of these things are likely to change with me 🙂

Work is hectic at the minute, I have worked all evening and have just come to bed with…a large glass of wine and half a pizza ??!! I should now feverishly trawl the Internet to find a web page that recommends these items as essential ingredients of a successful marathon. For anyone else looking the same they could just stumble upon this page…it should come up on a google search if I say it often enough? Here goes:
Pizza and wine is great marathon nutrition.
Pizza and wine is great marathon nutrition.
Pizza and wine is great marathon nutrition.
Pizza and wine is great marathon nutrition.
…especially at bedtime…

I am probably entering my first 10k race of 2012 on Sunday. I will treat it as a marathon training run but still want a good time. If it goes badly it is because of my hip…if it goes well then wine & pizza gets the nod 🙂

I will let you know how it goes!!!

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7 Responses to Snore stability

  1. I’m cheering for the wine and pizza option! Here’s hoping it all goes well 🙂

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