After an aborted attempt on Saturday morning to get the weekend long run out of the way early, today’s (Sunday ) run become imperative to get right. The plan was to do a good 20mile run. The first of my May marathon training.

Within the first mile I knew I still didn’t feel right and by mile two I was faced with the prospect of missing a long run – but not just any long run, this was my first 20miler of my current training programme. To not do this run would really throw my training programme. I knew it would be totally mental to run on, but I also knew it would be a terrific mental test…

I ran on – more like a shuffle, but I knew it would be slow as my first few miles were awful. I couldn’t lift it, my stomach didn’t feel great and I just simply wrote off doing any decent pace.

That said, by the time I reached mile8 I felt like I had been on the road for ages and the prospect of not having even reached half way nearly made me cave. Ironically this was my first run of this series where I had brought gels and a sports drink. They made me feel even more ill! Admittedly I stopped running at this point to “assess” my condition. Wearily i decided to run on…

Stopping to stretch or kneel over or take a drink became the form for the remainder of the run. So many times I was v close to jacking it. I was mental to have run on but nonetheless I knew it should really test me mentally as a result!

It was a test…I can’t remember feeling so bad since I had mild hyponatremia during the Dublin marathon in 2010. Long story short I shuffled through to the end, well I say end but it was actually 2 mle short of twenty as I had misjudged the route. I have to say I was grateful for this misjudgement and although I haven’t done my 20miler yet at least 18 was better than stopping at 2?? You would think, wouldn’t you?

I know how he feels!

The real result is that I spent 3hrs questioning why I was doing this and I may not enter the marathon in May now. I don’t need the bad running days or the pressure of “must” do a 20miler regardless of how I feel. The flip side is that January was great. I exceeded expectations. My long runs were quicker than ever before and I felt strong. February hasnt been good. Don’t get me wrong I have done some excellent interval and tempo sessions but the long runs ain’t been happenin 😦

If I do compete in May it will be my last marathon – definitely. Also, any thoughts of doing an ultra marathon are well and truly put out of my mind!

34 miles for the week – all clocked since Wednesday – I will need to get this up to get a marathon PB and if I don’t get a PB it will have been a pointless exercise.

On the plus side the Irish half marathon series starts in March and I can’t wait to get a few of these races under my belt 🙂

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4 Responses to Mental…

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  2. God, you really didn’t have a good run.. but on the upside, you didn’t quit!

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