Reality check…

With a reduced frequency in my running over the past few weeks I’ve had to ensure that the ones I get in are quality. Fortunately the first two this week were. On Wednesday (a very late first run of the week!!) I had a solid interval session. It really tested the legs and opened the lungs. So too did yesterday’s (Friday ) tempo run . I had a very small window between being out with the family for the day and my daughter going to dancing class. I took the opportunity and put in a sharp 5.5mile run. I got a fair amount of leg burn as I kept upping the pace for the last mile and a half. I knew this was a productive run.

Why then do I threaten to ruin the week with sheer stupidity and complacency. After having run five marathons I think the biggest threat is our own attitude. We forget how hard it is and in a sense don’t show enough respect for the distance and the training that is needed. Part of me just felt that I would simply keep the running going and I would improve naturally. This is partially true -but only partially.

After yesterday’s intense tempo run I decided to head off on my 20mile run this morning. I was foolhardy to really think this was a good idea. The first few miles were a huge reality check. My legs were tight and I was painfully slow! I kept running hoping things would loosen up, but they didn’t and mentally I couldn’t face a 20mile run in this condition. I ran home for the slowest 6 mile in history.

I’ll head out for the 20 tomorrow, better rested and with my respect for the sheer toughness of marathon training back in place with a vengeance. In my recent long runs I had run without bringing any fluids etc; I had also had a few beers or glasses of wine the night prior. My attitude has really changed and I am back to viewing this as a first marathon , with all the self doubt and respect for the distance it deserves. The past couple of weeks have served as a reality check…

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