Peaks & troughs

It has been a fairly mediocre week. I haven’t got any recovery runs in at all and have only managed my three sessions. The interval session was tough and it went well. It was on the running machine which is obviously not as good as the road but it has the advantage of being able to carefully monitor the pace and not slip back, particularly on the last couple of intervals.

The tempo session was 6 miles on the machine, I was so bored that I cut the run at 5.25. The pace was good though, but again it’s a poor sub for the road.

The long run was a real Jekyll & Hyde affair! I set off to do 18 miles, in the knowledge that my last two long runs had been less than glorious. I don’t bring any nutrition on my long runs and I probably should. I started at a steady pace and I felt good for a long time. At one point I thought I could go on for over 20 miles…then everything changed. At mile 14 I felt thirsty, weak and energyless. You get peaks and troughs in a long run, so I waited for it to pass. It didn’t. When I had the urge to drink from the puddles I knew I was in trouble!! 🙂 I did 16.25 miles and called it a day. Miles 1-14 were a decent pace with no probs and 14-16 were slow and I felt sooo tired! Had I not been down this road (excuse the pun) before, I might be having serious doubts about whether I can go the distance in May’s marathon, but thoughts like that barely enter my head anymore. Even after having done 5 marathons I can still have 3 poor long runs in a row…it happens. I know I’ll just keep going and they’ll come good!

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5 Responses to Peaks & troughs

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  2. bearrunner says:

    I totally agree, the boredom threshhold is hard to by-pass sometimes… It is also hard to run/ workout when the motivation just isnt there… I don’t like training in the winter and feel this way a lot of the time


  3. Henry Runs says:

    Thanks for including one of my posts in your related articles! Enjoying your blog!

  4. motivblogger says:

    You told me: some days are better than others… When the temperatures rise, it’ll be better!
    But running with a little bottle might be an option!:)

    • Lol yeah I used to…I guess I just started to feel invincible after a few v good 10-12 milers, but when you get passed the 1hr30 mins mark things are different! Back to the bottle for me (sort of speak) 🙂

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