One hundred and eeeeiiighty

Yesterday’s 11 mile “dart” (more of a shuffle 🙂 ) hit the 180th run of 2011 covering nearly 1140 miles. This includes 3 marathons, 4 half marathons, 1 x 10mile race & 5 x 10k races. The best marathon time was 3:53; the half was 1:43 & the best 10k was 45mins 10 secs.

There have been many highlights, including being able to get out running nearly everyday over the Christmas holidays after being injured for three weeks! The London marathon was a terrific experience, the Belfast marathon needs huge huge improvements & the Larne half marathon was a real cracking event in 2011. I won’t miss the fundraising in 2012 but I was delighted with the £3600 raised for two cancer charities and the huge support from friends and family in completing the triple marathon challenge (3 in 5 wks).

I’ve still one more run to do in 2011 but the new year will bring new targets. I plan to do a final (i mean it this time) marathon in Belfast in May. I’ll set a target of somewhere between 3hrs 35 and 3 45 and hope my training goes well. I plan to do a few half marathons and get my time below 1hr 40mins and get my 10k time down to 43mins…

All in all it’s been a terrific running year for me in 2011. I don’t anticipate as many miles in 2012, but hopefully i should achieve sharper, faster paced efforts and general continued improvement in fitness…

Happy injury free running to my fellow bloggers & happy new year!

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