Supermarket jerks & grandma got run over…

Ok so it’s been two and a half weeks since my last blog… I know I’m slacking, but here’s the thing; I got rid of my left ankle pain for it to move to my bloomin hamstring. Not a happy runner.

This is no ordinary hamstring problem, noooooo I don’t do simple. It is a shooting pain that makes me temporarily lose power and control of my leg. Picture the scene of mothers ushering their children out of harms way in Strescoes shopping centre as some weirdo makes violent involuntary leg movements accompanied by animalistic cries of pain … In the bread aisle. Red-faced I tried to pull off a smile but that only managed to scare more weans…At this point I realised it was time to take a break.

I haven’t run in two weeks. I tried last night but lasted 45secs on the running machine. Tis a curse. I was troubled with this hamstring issue when I played football and it nearly prevented me from running the Dublin Marathon in 2010. I did get a deep tissue massage last week and at first it appeared to do the trick, but no joy. Sadly it’s a chronic issue by now and the “age old” problem of too many birthdays!

The silver lining is that I wouldn’t be getting good quality road runs in this icy weather anyway. I’d be stuck on a dreadmill ZZZzzzz; nearly going on my backside tonight whilst walking the dog confirmed that! The other silver lining is that I’m not so crippled that its stopped me bein able to dance, with my five year old daughter, around the living room, to “grandma got run over by a reindeer” šŸ™‚ Eejits. This has been my exercise over the past two weeks.

Alas as 2012 approaches and I look back on the races of 2011 and the fact that next year was going to be “marathon free”…I think I am starting to change my mind on that score…Better get back on the road sooner rather than later then. I’ll stay clear of Strescoes in the meantime šŸ™‚

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