Frustration…what to do?

I haven’t blogged in a while because there hasn’t been any running to blog about. I’ve been plagued with an old ankle injury and a really tight hamstring to add to the frustration. Since running just under 9 miles last Sunday I have not set foot on the pavement!

It should have been a really enjoyable run last Sunday in the cool fresh November air. The  weather conditions were terrific – the condition of my left ankle & hamstring sadly not. It was supposed to be a slow run, but not painfully slow – more like a shuffle really 🙂 It wasn’t as enjoyable as it should have been and I was glad to get back home.

After having suffered a broken ankle at 16 years old, I sustained this very injury numerous times in my late teens and early twenties playing football. I am paying for it now!

What should we do at times like this? It is really hard to decide whether to rest completely or try to do something light? I opted for complete rest (almost – I used the step machine in the gym on Thursday night and did a 14mile cycle today, but it is still a week’s rest from running!) and a couple of deep tissue massages to try to ensure I am ready for a 10k race next Saturday. That’s another thing – I’m not quite sure if any time goal I had is now shot to pieces by my poor mileage count and low quality training or if, in fact, previous fitness and this rest period will help my performance? I don’t know how it will turnout Saturday.

What I do know is that I’ll try to get out for an even paced 13-14miles tomorrow to test the ankle and hamstring and if it is better I will get one tortuous interval session in at the beginning of next week. That will be my lot ahead of Saturday’s race! Fingers crossed.

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