After whinging about the dark mornings and dark evenings it is only fair that I counterbalance this with a comment on the absolutely glorious conditions of this November afternoon. I took full advantage of the day off by going for a ‘recovery’ run; taking the kids for a swim and then sneaking a cycle in as darkness descended upon us.

At 13 degrees with the sun shining and the autumn leaves on the ground it was absolute bliss running along the country roads today. Well, by bliss I mean the weather conditions not my physical condition! The legs were in absolute tatters today after last night’s 7 mile interval session pulled the leg muscles off me. The legs haven’t felt so sore since I ran my last marathon and today’s recovery run was slower than marathon pace. This was more of a shuffle than a run, but I loved it (except the last half mile when my stomach was yelling at me for skipping lunch to run instead!).

Upon returning from the swimming pool with the whole family at 4.30pm I decided there was just long enough for me to get in a wee cycle to round things off. A six and a half mile run and a ten mile cycle on a glorious sunny autumn day constitutes a good day’s exercise!

If I can get a couple of good training weeks in then I’ll feel a lot better going into the Seeley Cup 10k on November 19th.

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