The good, the bad & the ugly…

The Good: The Bangor 10k at the weekend was good for me as I shaved 8 seconds off my previous personal best. It was generally a well organised (save for the points below) and well-marshalled race. I always take my hat off to the many volunteers who make these things work – without you we wouldn’t have a race series, so thank you! I felt well prepared for this race, well slept and I hadn’t touched a drop of the ol’ liqour in the nights leading up to it! A time of 45mins 10 secs on a tough course has me convinced I can get this down to 43mins within six months – if I keep focussed on speed work. The interval session training I have been doing is fantastic – hard, but it really has worked for me (if I get enough msgs I’ll type the regime up & post it as I don’t remember where it originated from)

The Bad: As far as 10k races go there are a few bad points about this race. The first two ‘bad’ points are really pretty unforgivable for the race organisers…

  1. The race begins in a crammed park on a narrow path!! What is that all about??? In a 10k, to get your desired time, you need to get away sharp, not be herded together like cattle. Worse still there was no ‘timing pens’ e.g. area at the front for elite runners; 35min; 40min runners etc…It was a bloody free for all. The bloke in front of me was the size of one of those beasts in BBCs Planet Dinosaur (great programme) & once I had managed to crawl through his legs , already losing valuable time, I arrived behind two nice ladies out for a Saturday morning jog and a yarn…I overheard one say to t’other “oh it is a fast start isn’t it?”…”That’s because your near the front of a 10k race dumbo” I said inwardly as I politely asked “excuse me can I get past?”…”excuse me can I get past?” – I had to say that in a race!! I know..! I don’t hold anything against those runners, but the organisers have a lot to answer for. This was very bad.
  2. There was, to my knowledge (I could be corrected here), no after race hospitality…apologies in advance if I am wrong about this (so some of you involved in the race organisation don’t msg me whinging please)…but do correct me and I shall remove this criticism.
  3. Although not really a criticism of the organisers, what is the hill at 9k all about?? Killer.

The ugly: ok, this is the part where the aggrieved people whom I have criticised can have a vengeful laugh…I got a bloody parking ticket! I parked in a car park and did not notice the pay & display signs…doh! My friend didn’t notice either and we came back to a nice compliment about my parking skills on the window – it read “parking fine” 🙂 It was a nice compliment for which my friend & I paid £30 for!

Will I do the Bangor 10k again at some point?….probably, maybe…




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