machine vs road…

As the dark nights set in I have that sense of dread that I am going to have either run the country roads with a head torch or take to the bloody treadmill ZZZZzzzzzzz…

By the time my daughter had been collected from Girls’ Brigade it was simply too dark to do a decent interval session in preparation for Saturday’s 10k race…so I thought I’d give the treadmill a bash. Technically my gym membership is still suspended (as I knew I wouldn’t use it during the summer months) but they do let me go in and use it anyway…My aim was to do 6 x 1mi intervals. By the third interval I was so bored that I knocked the machine off and hit the showers. I’ll have to do the sesh on the roads tomorrow now!

What is it about treadmills? They do so serve a purpose, but 25 minutes is about all I can take before I start to go crazy!

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