Running to work…

Back at work after the holidays inevitably means we have far less time on our hands to run among everything else. This is where a bit of creativity has to come in. On Thursday I decided to bring a spare suit into work, a towel etc and run to work on Friday morning. This got my usual long weekend run out of the way (16miles approx). But even better than that, the run took me over two hours and whilst this is longer than I would have taken in the car, it still felt as if I was running for a purpose – to get to work!

In an earlier post I talked about ways of fitting long runs in – especially if you are marathon training (which I am not) – and it really is possible, even if we do live busy lives. Of course it does take some willpower and commitment to get up at 5am on a dark, wet morning but once you hit the road at 6am it is fine!!

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