Norn Iron beats Algarve…

Ok, it is fair to say that this is the deepest post-holiday blues I have ever suffered – I miss the sunshine, the pool, the tennis (and the tennis tournaments with copious amounts of newfound acqaintances!) , the cheap (but fantastic) wine, the ice cold beer on a roasting hot afternoon and the great food by the beach on an evening out…

The beach in Olhos d'agua at night...

But I don’t miss running in the Algarve heat!!!!

I did ten sessions in total and every one was a tester. More than a few were in the midday heat! Dehydration was an obvious problem and I could only do a maximum of 5-5.25miles as a result. I did do a few very very good interval sessions accompanied by a ‘buddy’ – which always helps. As a consequence of the Algarve ‘heat’ running my interval session in cold Northern Ireland tonight was a cracker (by my mediocre standards).

I am trying to improve my 10k time and I am following a programme to achieve that. The programme works from your own personal 10k goal pace and thus it can be tailored to suit anyone. Tonight’s run was 12 x 0.5miles (800metres for our European friends) @ 10k goal pace with 1 min rest in between…

It’s a really good workout and interval 11 was up hill, just for good measure. I did seven of the intervals at 7m 10sec/mi pace or better and the remainder were not very far off (only the uphill effort came in at 7.50/mi).

So I think it is fair to say that running in the heat of the past few weeks has really improved my fitness! Nonetheless, when it comes to running temperatures in August…Norn Iron beats the Algarve!

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