…time for a brief interlude

Hopefully, the 3 weeks ahead enjoying sun, sea, sand, beer, wine, good food and even some junk food will not wreak too much havoc on the training regime?? With the Lagan 10k on September 4th, a week after my return I have been focussing on speed work this week. I have been trying out the recommendations from the last post regarding the impact of cycling cadence upon running and I think over time it will make a difference to running speed: https://runjunky.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/great-article-for-triathletes-and-runners-studies-on-the-effect-of-cycling-cadence-on-running-speed/

I have clocked up 64 miles so far this week – 31 of them on foot – so it has been a good pre-holiday week. On two occasions I did a cycle and then jumped straight off the bike and did a run. I enjoyed it – the cycling brings an added dimension to the training. Also, if I am really too tired to run the bike is a great substitute.

The Garmin record below is tonight’s interval session (running). This is an intense 12 x 0.5 mile session with a 2 min rest in between. The half miles are supposed to be at your target 10k pace. I am targeting sub 45mins and thus I am looking to do a 10k in 7m 14 secs per mile at some point in the not too distant future. As the Garmin illustrates I was hitting well above target on this session:


Yesterday whilst on a four and a half mile run I attempted a “fastest” mile for the MarathonTalk podcast “Magic Mile” contest. I didn’t feel particularly great but knew I had to do this before my holiday if I was to meet the deadline. I did a decent 6m40 and that was exactly as I had predicted when I headed out. I reckon on another day I could get this down to 6:20…

So there it is. Some good speed work…now the holidays and all that that will bring.

Me on holiday??

I fully intend to do some speed work whilst away but the heat really does sap my energy even when I am not running – perhaps the extra degrees and heat exhaustion will improve my fitness? 🙂

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