Trampoline, technology, a run in the sun and the challenge of the month ahead…

Twas all excitement this morning as my daughter’s trampoline arrived very early. Of course a short time after the arrival of the kids toy, daddy’s toy arrived – a new iphone.I had heard from various sources that putting the trampoline up could be a nightmare but (admittedly after a bit of a false start) once my wife read the instructions (I simply never do this, must be a man thing?) it was really easy and the kids had their fun with their toy!

Now to my toy. This was to be fairly easy. Save all the contacts on to my SiM of my Blackberry, put it in the iPhone and hey presto…lets see what all the fuss is about…er…sadly no.

First, the BB has no copy to SiM function and I had to export these contacts to Outlook Express (which is a damned awful tool). Of course when I imported the contacts to my iPhone it only imported email addresses – now this was becoming a royal pain in the ass.

It got worse. When I connected to itunes (as you have to with an iphone – what is that all about? I may not want to sync my tunes – it is a bloody phone!) a nice msg told me to restore my iPhone. Straigtforward enough – click of a button. Nope, good ol’ Apple have to make things seriously complex. The restore wouldn’t work and after following all the support steps and literally hours later I phoned the phone provider who said “er…we don’t usually have this problem but send it back as the phone is dead???? Two things – phone forums are full of iphone users with the same problem & I really don’t think the phone is dead!! But if you say so “nice lady” at the phone service provider.

They’re giving me another iPhone, but I think I’ll have a wee look at other options this evening as upon reading the forums (and I am familiar of similar difficulties with my ipod) it would appear that the iphones are pretty crap, very complicated if things go wrong and fairly prone to such things going wrong (the “nice lady” on the phone admitted “we often get software issues” with iphones). Alas I don’t really want to give up the Blackberry, but its battery is dying a bit after two years.

Amidst the phone hassle I did a slow 8.7 mile run. It was fairly hot and I didn’t feel great – a bit heavy legged, but as the video in an earlier post (Great Advice) suggested, you have good days and bad days, so I am not going to beat myself up.

The challenge ahead is that I am going on holiday for three weeks to the sun and blistering heat. Upon my return I have a 10k race. I know in my heart that my training will be patchy at best and my eating & drinking will increase tenfold over that holiday period! The challenge is to watch what I eat & drink and get my ass out doing quick interval sessions in the 30+ degree heat. Will I do it? Remains to be seen…

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