RGU Downpatrick 10k

After a few days Camp Greenview has been finally decommissioned (just in time it would seem, given tonight’s rain!) and since the last blog we’ve had an afternoon of crazy golf at junction one in the blistering heat yesterday, a trip to the loughshore park this afternoon (again in the glorious sunshine) and a 10k race in Downpatricktonight.

Me at the 'crazy' golf course with my eldest two children. It was a pirate theme at Junction One in Antrim...

To the race first. This race is run by a local D’patrick club and it is a good course – a few hills, but nothing compared to some of those half marathons. This is a ‘no frills’ race and there isn’t a huge field of competitors, but it is well marshalled, the psni patrol the traffic well and the locals do come out to give much needed encouragement along the country roads. I travelled to this race with the same two friends who travelled to Lisburn & Cookstown & I think we all agree that this could be one for the calendar in future. Furthermore, the race was only £7 and the money raised goes to Action Cancer.

On personal note, this was my first 10k race for 11 or 12 years! Hard to believe given the amount of running I have been doing of late. I wasn’t 100 per cent certain of how to approach the training for this. I knew I had miles in the bank (just last week I did a half marathon & a ten mile race) but I needed to give the legs a little rest whilst injecting some pace. It is hard to achieve both objectives.

I decided to do a really tough interval session two days after the 10 mile race and 6 days before the 10k. This would give me a speed workout and adequate recovery time. I threw in a final, much shorter, interval session a few days ahead of the 10k to keep the legs moving quickly. In between what I call “sessions” I do ‘recoveries’ e.g. easy runs or cycles. I threw a few easy runs in but the two cycles (12miles & 6 miles) were both fairly tough workouts in the end. Nonetheless, this strategy seemed to work for me and I came in at 47 minutes almost dead (i.e. dead on 47mins as opposed to me being nearly dead 🙂 ). This is 7:39/mi average and for me this is a pleasing performance. My goal is to get my 10k time down to sub 45mins.

My splits as recorded on Garmin read:


Typical of me however – when I got home my wife and I had chinese takeaway…the takeaway in my village is just tooo handy!

My eldest son about to play his shot!


My daughter will not be outdone!!

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