…a little further, but not much!

After the great camping expedition we headed for Whiterocks beach, just outside Portrush…it’s a little further than the back garden but not much 🙂 What a great afternoon of glorious sunshine. The pics below are testament to the fact that on a good day some of our north coast beaches rival the Algarve!

Before that, I should get a note in about the ‘light’ interval session last night. With a 10k coming up Wednesday evening I decided to do some short speed work with only 6 x 0.25mile intervals. The road I run along is spectacular – I refer to it as the most beautiful road in the world!

If there is such a thing as a beautiful road this is it...Sweetwall Road.

For the record the six intervals recorded as follows:
1:  1:47 (7:07/mi pace)
2. 1:40 (6:42/mi)
3. 1:39 (6:40/mi)
4. 1:43 (6:54/mi)
5. 1:42 (6:51/mi)
6. 1:40 (6:42/mi)
Not the quickest set I have done but the legs felt a little stiff. I was looking forward to a rest session today, but headed out for a 6mile hilly cycle (12.3mph ave / 34mph max speed) with a friend at 9.45pm! I need to master this ‘rest’ day thing 🙂

The salubrious camping conditions of the back garden...convenient to showers, all amenities and a comfy bed once you wake up for the 6am pee!


The long journey to Whiterocks takes it toll...


Me & wee “Tobes”

Gill & Toby


Lukey & Leah


What Northern Ireland's north coast has to offer...






Toby's first dip in the sea...his first visit to the beach.




Gill & Luke climb the bank...


Soooo jealous of the couple running along the beach - i'll bring my trainers next time 🙂

Needless to say, good fun was had by all…Whiterocks em rocks!
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