You don’t have to travel far…

I took my son to a car boot sale today not far from where we live. He is getting some holiday money for himself and his wee sister. This incentive turned him into a demon salesperson and if I was up against him I am afraid “Sugar” would be pointing at me and uttering those fateful words. We didn’t make loads of money but it was only oul kids toys that were long defunct. In a few hours Lukey had netted himself £25 by selling things for 20 and 50pence…he has a natural patter.

When we arrived home in the blistering sunshine we had some lunch and the whole family spent the afternoon out the back. We played some football, the odd board game and then the kids asked for the tent to go up…

Up it went…it is only the back garden- but the fun the kids had playing in it – they have decided to camp out for the night and I have got myself a fire lit, beer in hand and some cadburys – it just goes to prove – you don’t have to go far!!

P.s. This really was a rest day in running terms – nowt done today 🙂

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