Portaferry 10 mile race – great event & lessons in nutrition complacency…

Before I begin this evening’s blog I would like to pass on my sincerest best wishes to the young child who was knocked down in Portaferry tonight. I wish him a speedy recovery. It was awful to see the child being cradled in a womans arms in the aftermath. The car could not have been going fast in such a crowded street (i was the second car behind, but didn’t actually see the accident occur). I am assuming the child ran out from in between parked cars. I have no doubt the driver is badly shaken too.

The race started late as a result and I have to say this is one that I will do again. It isn’t fancy and it doesn’t pretend to be professional with fancy t-shirts and race packs etc. It is £10 to enter, the course is relatively flat, the atmosphere is very good, the race is relaxed and the after race hospitality is second to none! The Portaferry sports hall boasted not only tea & coffee, but a great range of sumptious sarnies, copious amounts of beautiful buns and fruit salad…but best of all was the wee lady who walked around playing granny and prompting “eat up boys”! Fantastic.

This is a must do race. This is one, along with Larne, that I will look for in my calendar every year. I must say, that in one of my previous blogs appraising the half marathons, I omitted to mention that Larne laid on free post race massages, sandwiches etc – this puts Larne up to an 18/20, way out in front of the other half marathons!

To the running lessons: if you want to enjoy & peform in a race of any ‘lengthy’ distance, avoid complacency with nutritional needs. I did not adequately get the correct nutrients (e.g. carbohydrates) into me during the day of this race and this was down to complacency. I did not bring any gels/sports drinks to the race either – complacency. This was my second race in 48hrs, having done a half marathon in Cookstown, and at miles 4 & 5 I was hit with severe hunger pangs – I mean they made me feel so weak I had to really slow down until I got something into me at one of the water stops! It felt like hitting the wall 😦

This was a real lesson for me in terms of being complacent about my preparation. How you fuel your body prior to a race is very important.

Final word has to go to the organisers of the Portaferry 10mile though – great course, relaxed atmosphere & fantastic hospitality – see you next year!

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