Weight loss impossible?

..it is a common thread and many beginning runners take up the sport for this reason and get really frustrated when they don’t lose lbs fast. Weight loss is not the reason I took up running and it is just as well!

When I say that I did not take it up to lose weight this does not mean that I didn’t see this as a desirable side effect. When I got my Garmin GPS watch in August 2010 I logged every run on computer. The training centre on Garmin Connect enabled me to log my weight also. I did see (after many many miles) my weight slowly decline. Great. However, in recent weeks I have been doing some strength training in the form of the 100 press-ups challenge. My body tends to bulk up far far quicker than it loses weight. As a consequence I am now slighlty heavier than I was in August 2010 when I started tracking!!! I am half a stone (nearly 8lbs to the US readers) heavier than my best weight a couple of months ago…unbelievable.

The bonus is that I am stronger than I was two months ago (upper body) & I am now pumping out 160 press-ups (29; 33; 29; 29; 40) in the hope of doing 100 in a single set in a couple of weeks.

If weight loss was my sole reason for running I would be heading for a cliff right now..!

Whilst not heading for a cliff I am heading to Portaferry tomorrow night to take part in a 10mile race. I know it is only 48 hours after the Cookstown half marathon, but hey… I could do with losing a few lbs 🙂

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