Great advice…

Ibuprofen, magnesium, calcium, glucosamine sulphate, omega3, deep heat, tiger balm…perhaps my pal from the gym is right – I am a junky! I have really been trying everything this week to get some relief from the ankle & shin pain that has returned with a vengeance just as it seemed to be evaporating.

I find myself at a real cross-roads as I approach the Cookstown Half in three days time – do I double my painkillers & anti-inflammatories or do I simply rest and rely on my training to date to take me through in a decent time…my gut instinct tells me to do the former.

Tonight’s run was was greatly hampered by the soreness of my leg and it was a very slow performance. However, amazingly, by sheer fluke I found some great advice online about “good days & bad days” – from more accomplished runners than me. Click the link to watch the video:

Good Days & Bad Days (Episode 3-27) from Joe English on Vimeo.

This advice raised my spirits somewhat and should enable me to simply put bad runs out of my head. The bonus is that it is another 7 miles in the bank and 1000 calories burned!!

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