Ibuprofen…a runner’s best friend!

Having been in pain for the past week I have resorted to my old friend ibuprofen, maximum strength! My ankle and inner-lower shin have been very sore of late and my ankle was excruciatingly painful when I got out of bed yesterday morning after the previous evening’s speed session on the track.

I took some ibuprofen yesterday and hey presto, relief! However, I forgot to pop the tablet today and was in fair pain for tonight’s seven mile tempo run.

I don’t know why my ankle pain has returned. I have had chronic ankle problems after a football injury many moons ago but it hasn’t caused me much bother in the past year – I put this success down to glucosamine & cod liver oil, but another time…

I have three theories about my ankle:
1. I need a new ankle – it is quite simply done…
2. I need new trainers – my trainers are great but I have run over 560miles in 80 runs in those trainers. The experts recommend that you change trainers after 500 miles. I was sceptical and when you’re doing the miles I am this is also expensive. However, there may be something in this. Upon checking my Garmin log (Bloody Garmin still not returned to me aaaagh!), the last time my ankle was sore was around the same stage with my previous trainers…
3. I need to lose weight – at over 13 & half stone (190lbs) I am heavy for a runner of any distance, let alone long distance. As my pace has got gradually faster I am probably putting more strain on my joints and ligaments. I do not lose weight easily!

In truth the answer probably lies in a combination of the three factors. Since factor one is out of the question and I need money for my holidays I must focus on the third – with a liitle help from my friend of course!

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