On track with an old friend…

In the absence of my Garmin (see “Bloody Garmin”, June 17th – & no, they still have not resolved the issue) and now that I have suspended my gym membership for three months, I decided to shoot over to the track at the Antrim Forum for an interval session. Using the track means that I can keep…errr…’track’ of my distance and use a simple stopwatch for pacing. Simple – keeping track that is, not the interval session; it was hard, but very enjoyable.

The session was made all the more enjoyable as I was joined by one of my best and oldest friends for this session – wee Billy. He is trying to get back into training after being dogged by family and work commitments in recent years. The great thing about the track training is that we were able to do our respective paces and still train together on the same track – you don’t get that out on the road.

For those of you interested in the training aspect, I am training for a half marathon in just under 2 weeks. I have just completed three marathons in five weeks at the end of May and I have done two ‘Halfs’ since then. I am trying to get some speed back in to the legs and I intend doing an interval session per week for the forseeable future. Tonight’s session was 8 x 800metres (400m RI). At the end of each of the first five intervals we stopped and did press-ups. The press- up sets are part of a 100press-up challenge I am undertaking. We did 120 press-ups in total (but the rest time in between is too long to count towards my challenge). In any event my 800metre intervals went like this:
1. 3:36
2. 3:40
3. 3:37
4. 3:27
5. 3.40
6. 3:41
7. 3:36
8. 3:21

As you can see the last interval was my quickest. It is key to really work yourself in the interval sessions, but be able to maintain a steady pace across all the intervals. There is no point blowing up after 3 intervals when you set out to do 8.

Owing to this positive experience I think I will utilise the track as a training tool much more often, even when my Garmin does arrive back – whenever that will be???? Bloody Garmin!!

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