Junky? More like, “I have started so I’ll finish”

A friend from the gym recently referred to me as a “junky”…and certainly from msgs I have read or received from other run bloggers you can tell that many runners are totally addicted. I don’t think I am.

I don’t think that addiction is the reason I run. Yes, I have just entered my third half marathon in nearly as many weeks & am going to do a 10k race a week later, yes I have completed five marathons in 12months, yes I do get frustrated if I don’t train…but that is just it – i get frustrated if I don’t train. Training can take many forms – football, cycling, weights etc. I never have a yearning to run.

My competitive nature is what is keeping me running. I always want to improve my times in events and to do this I have to train better, harder and longer. “I have started, so I’ll finish”…I have started this sport and I feel that I have yet to peak, so I will continue.

I could stop tomorrow if I wanted. Believe me, sometimes I do feel like stopping or even halting for a period. I didn’t really enjoy my 6 mile recovery run this evening, despite the beautiful evening and amazing countryside where I live. It was indeed so peaceful. However, it is not a love of running that keeps me going – rather the fear of falling behind in my training. I know this is not what all the running bloggers want to hear and I am not saying that I do not enjoy running, I am just saying that I am not addicted…

Is denial the first stage…lol

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