Running with The Tudors

In my job I read a fair amount of stuff about human suffering, war, revolution, punishment etc in the past (and indeed present) – these are the type of things that catch our attention in the history books and daily newspapers. However nothing quite captures the imagination like a visual depiction of events like those in the television series “The Tudors”. I had this series Sky+ed and have been watching the final episodes over the last few nights. Talk about gruesome stuff – stretching rack; finger nails pulled out; burnt at the stake; decapitation; quartered (intestines ripped out) – the list goes on…The worst is that most of these people were tortured on malicious hearsay and accused of heresy for not following Henry VIII’s reformed strand of catholicism. This was an era when people were tortured and died in Britain for their religious views…Ok, this is a running blog – what I meant to say was that I put myself through a fairly tough interval session tonight and I was quite literally thinking of the pain endured by some people as I was running! This has two important outcomes for me:

  1. I feel guilty for all the times I have complained or felt an unjustice has been done against me &
  2. I tell myself to train bloody harder and stop being a big jessie!! lol

So, there you have it, I don’t recommend The Tudors for running inspiration but when you really feel on the rack it helps keep perspective and drive you on to train even harder!

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