fast food = slow running…

…ok so it is hardly a revelation but when I decided to go for a slow recovery run this evening I wanted the pace to be my choice!!!Instead, after going to watch my daughter perform in her dance show all afternoon, the family decided to have Chinese takeaway for dinner…I know…I know  – I shouldn’t have and the runners among the bloggers will chastise me and say I didn’t have to succumb; but Chinese is my favourite food, I was extremely hungry & after all, it was only a recovery run…

Alright they are pretty poor excuses and if I want to lose a few lbs for the Cookstown Half Marathon in a 3 weeks time I will simply have to do better.

My average pace this evening was over 1 min/mi slower than my half marathon pace on Friday. It is my slowest recorded time since August 2010. At least it is out of the way and I have an interval session to look forward to tomorrow evening. Better make sure I take slow food to help the fast running…

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  1. teacher says:

    bad boy

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