Job done!!!…3 hrs 53mins, 12hours for all three (give or take a few seconds)!!

I had real doubts about my ability to go again, and I was bloody tired. Saying that, I knew if I really went for this marathon quick from the outset and ‘blew up’ that I would have the inner strength to finish, no matter how painful or how slow. And so it proved…

For a very long time I was on target for 3:35 but always knew this would never materialise. I felt sick this morning and the feeling never really left for the duration of the run. From mile 15 to 18 I slowed significantly. This was earlier than my usual blow up time and I feared the worst.

Thankfully, I gathered myself as I saw 3:45 slip away and came perilously close to letting a sub4 slip also. Nonetheless, painful as it was, I felt I could hang in and beat 3:55.

I can’t see me ever doing a marathon again and 3:53, a PB -and given that I am no runner, I am satisfied to call it a day at that.

To say I have enjoyed every minute of the triple maraton challenge would be an exaggeration, but I do relish a challenge and now that it is mission accomplished I feel a little lost inside and not quite sure what I am going to do – no training programme, no focus, no goal…

My wife and kids will be happy though.

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