Home from work, take daughter to dance class, barbers, 2 mile run…& there ends 636 miles, 97 runs, 6 months of training…

Well, the small matter of another 26.2 miles on Sunday stands in the way of completion, but I have to say, despite being excited about Sunday I was a little saddened during my run tonight at the thought of the challenge coming to an end. Let’s face it, I will probably not do another marathon – I am not exactly built for it – but I have relished this challenge and it has given me a real reason to run.

Many people have been very generous indeed with the fundraising. Some people pull out all the stops to support you and help out. Friends have participated in fundraising events, ran in the Belfast marathon with me, donated money, sent messages of support…This has been fantastic.  You learn a lot about yourself during a marathon and you learn a lot about the extreme generosity of others during fundraising.

I am not sure what post-Edinburgh has in store for me, I am not even sure what Edinburgh has in store, but I do know that it has been a long journey (literally) since January. I have run 630 miles over 97 runs. Three of these have been races – a half marathon and two marathons.

The journey began in the dark, freezing snow and ice of December. January was a challenge also – leaving a roasting open fire to go out and run in the dark, cold country streets. February was the first month my training really started to take shape and by March I knew deep down that I was not going to fail in this challenge (barring injury!). The London Marathon in April was a terrific experience and it gave me a great platform to run a sub 4 in Belfast a fortnight later…

I can do little more now than eat well, drink well, sleep well and remember my vaseline and plasters!!!

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