Nearly there…

Tonight’s run route/time as recorded on Garmin…

I have been very lucky to avoid any niggles or injuries throughout this challenge and I can now go all out at Edinburgh and run myself to death! I plan to fall over the line without being able to take another step. Now this will either lead to a disastrous performance in terms of time or it could yield a significant personal best…

Thankfully tonight’s five and a half mile run seemed fairly easy and casual. If I had known that I would feel this good, days before marathon number three, I would have done 5 in 5 weeks…maybe next year…!?

Last night’s deep tissue massage has helped the legs immensely and I owe a debt of gratitude to my masseuse for keeping my legs in good shape throughout the training. Furthermore she donated all the costs to my fundraising!!

It is customary now for me to “rest” my marathon trainers in the week before a race and I wear an old pair of seasoned trainers. I don’t know why, but I did it for London and Belfast this year and it worked for me.

So my trainers are rested, my legs feel good…time to get ready to have a real go at Edinburgh…

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